Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Maya!

Maya turns two tomorrow. Yayyyy!!! I can't believe she will be two already and yet at other times I can't believe that she is only two by the number of things that she can do and knows. I keep thinking back to nieces and nephews and to children who I used to babysit, wondering if they did these things and knew these things when they were only two years old? We were told by two different Chinese men that she will be smart because of the province that she is from in China - Jiangxi, and from what we have seen, I think they are correct. Maya watches EVERYTHING that I do and I will see her trying to imitate my actions at later times - she was even wiping the counter while we were baking and tried to sweep the crumbs into her hand with the dishcloth. Tooooo cute! We are off to Better Beginnings tomorrow at Taylor School and were busy making cupcakes today to take for snack - I'm sure there will also be a helathy snack provided by the facilitator. The big party day is on Saturday at one of our hotels - the only one with a pool and waterslide (which will hopefully be fixed by the weekend as there are three pool birthday parties the same afternoon as Maya's). We have invited family and friends for the big event. It should be tons of fun! I'll post some pictures later on after everything is over. It feels like Christmas all over again...I can't wait until morning!


  1. Awwww! Happy 2nd Birthday Maya! Hope you have a great day sweet girl!!

  2. Happy Birthday Maya ... It has been a pleasure to learn about you from your mom, and to be able to tell your wondrous story of finding a loving family in a new country!!!


    a little late, we just got home from Mexico

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