Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maya Painting

This is such a CUTE video of Maya painting on her easel for the first time. This is such a HORRIBLE shot of me in the video, but as you watch, you can see why I am included. I guess this is what Maya sees most of the time, because we stay in our PJ's for hours some days...then we get dressed...then I might do something with my hair and put on some makeup. Beware...anyone who happens to come over in the morning!

Once again, this is such a CUTE video of Maya!

Thanks to Shelby's mom for helping me learn how to post a YouTube video on my blog! It was so easy once I knew what to do!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Snowmobiling and Family Fun

This is a little of what Maya and I do when we are off on one of our adventures to visit family, while Les stays at home to work. We did manage a trip to the city about two weeks ago with Les, for work and will be heading back there again this next week. I am off to California with a friend for five days at the end of the month to help celebrate her dad's 70th birthday and then I'm afraid that will be it for our travels until the summer. I start back to work officially on May 3, for two months, just to break us all in slowly, teaching Grade One at a school here in town. I taught at this school several years ago and am looking forward to 'returning home'. The students have all changed of course, but many of the staff are still there. This will hopefully make the transition to work easier. As for Maya, I will have to begin taking her to the Home Daycare little by little. She's fine with me going out for awhile to my Sorority meetings and staying home with Dad and will hopefully enjoy this new change.
Snowmobiling for the First Time, with Grandpa Dave

Lunch at Uncle Todd and Aunty Susan's Cabin

Skating... Well, Taking a Break at The Park
We enjoy going for sleigh rides, which usually turn into walks, so took advantage of the beautiful day to take some photos.

Bowling with Dad, Who Comes Here Every Monday Night - So, I Get to Hear, "Bowling Alley, Bowling Alley!" At Home Every Monday Night (over and over and over again - Maya's vocabulary and language development is really expanding and progressing these days!!!)

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Year Referral Anniversary

Referral Picture

One year ago today we were able to finally see Maya's precious little face. Oh, what a year we have had! It is so hard to believe how fast the time has gone, once we actually received Maya. We have been so busy - trying to finally do the many things that I have craved to do for so many years, with my child. We are also trying to travel as much as we can and take short trips to the city and to see family before I return to teaching on May 3 (my first official paid day back). Maya has changed so much and has come so far in such a short while. It is amazing how children grow!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Maya's 2nd Birthday! ( entry!)

Maya's Sister Jayde
Cousins Nick, Sarah and Ashtyn

Breakfast the next morning

Maya's birthday was on January 28th and we had her party on the 30th - yes, of January! (We have been quite busy lately and not home very much, and I mean, NOT AT HOME - away to the southern part of the province for the past two weeks out of four and very busy while at home.) I will start with this entry and then hopefully add more entries in over the next few days.
Maya spent her actual birthday with friends at Better Beginnings in the morning and and quiet rest of the day with Mom and Dad. The big PARTY happened two days later. I think the pictures say it all!