Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nursery School Morning

Maya LOVES to wear skirts and dresses and truly enjoyed wearing this outfit to Nursery School one day not too long ago.

The Mission Group that was volunteering at Maya's Social Welfare Institute when she was 4 1/2 months old and who returned to China when we were there a year later are returning once again to Hengfeng this June.  I can't wait to follow their trip!  We were fortunate enough to have been able to meet up with Julie, Becki and their group while we were all in China.  What are the chances of us being in China at the same time???  Maya's baby pictures are still on their blog.  I just love reading it and looking back!  www.reachingheartsinchina.org

Our Forever Family Day is coming up on the 31st and memories are returning to my mind.  What an experience we have had!  I can't believe it has be three years already!  We are all so blessed and thankful for the little girl who has enriched our lives.  Truly amazing!  

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