Sunday, March 15, 2009

According to Chinese folklore, seeing a ladybug is a sign of good luck. Parents in the Chinese adoption community have "adopted" the ladybug as their symbol and some say if you see a ladybug it might mean your baby was born that day or that you will receive your referral soon!

The Chinese also have an ancient belief that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. When a child is born, these invisible red threads reach out from the child's spirit to all the important people who will enter her life. As she grows, the thread shortens, drawing her closer to the people who love her.

Parents in the Chinese adoption community use the symbolism of the red thread as a special way to talk about how just the right baby is matched to them. There are several children's books that show a ladybug with her red thread bringing babies and parents together.

About three weeks ago, I honestly did see a was in between two celery stalks as I pulled them apart from the rest. A couple of weeks later, we did receive our referral.

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