Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping and Care Package

I spent most of the weekend shopping for our trip - clothes for Maya, clothes for me, fun things for Maya, clothes for Les, more clothes for Maya... I think I'm finally ready! I guess if there's something that I have forgotten, I'll just have to buy it there. Can't wait - more shopping!!! I finally had some time today to send the care package to Maya through Ann at It was so easy! I included a letter to the orphanage director, which Ann will translate and also included three pictures of us. Maya can become familiar with Ma-Ma, and Ba-Ba before we meet in person. My Mom and Dad added a book and a musical bear to the pyjama package and dress that we are sending. I am so excited for Maya to receive her package! We are hoping to hear something this week from Thomas in China, through our agency, in regards to an update about Maya and hopefully travel approval and dates. There is one week of school left until Spring Break - then I can work on getting the house ready. I will really enjoy the week off - these past two weeks have been quite full!

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