Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Summer Days

Visiting with Dee and Doug

The summer has definitely been busy! Even though the weather hasn't been very hot and sunny, we have managed to get in some time at the beach, a weekend of camping and visits with friends and family. We returned a few days ago from Alberta, where we spent a week visiting, shopping, golfing (Les), and pumping Maya full of meds. A couple of days before we left on our trip, Maya started to show signs of becoming sick, especially during the night. The days seemed to be better, so we started on our vacation. However, before reaching our destination, we ended up in a small town travelling back and forth between the hospital and the doctor's office. Maya had bronchitis. A chest x-ray, a dose of ventilin through a mask and four medications later, we were on our way. I have read on other people's blogs about the contraption that infants and small children are placed in to have x-rays taken, and yes, Maya was in this as well, and it was not a pretty sight with her arms locked in straight up over her head and her body strapped in so that there is no movement. Not only was she in this once, but twice, because she wasn't centred properly the first time. The ventilin dosage was not fun to administer either and I'm sure everyone in the whole hopspital could hear Maya's crying and screaming as the nurse and I wrestled with her to try to keep her still. Les was off getting the medications at the time and caught the tail end of it.

Below are pictures of some of the things we have done and some of the people we have seen over the past few weeks. Maya and I are off again next week to do some more visiting before we settle in at home for a long while (this packing and un-packing is starting to become tiresome!). As you will see, we are just about ready for winter, which I hope will not arrive for several months yet. All we need are some boots!

Ready for a swim at the hotel on the way home

Mom did some shopping - I'm ready for winter and had fun trying my suit on

Maya with her cousin Ryan

Maya and Dad

Maya and Mom

Maya - one of the few nice beach days that we had


Celebrating Grandma Shirley's birthday

Cousin Ashtyn and Maya

First boat ride

Maya with Aunty Carrie and cousins Bailey and Hannah

Making Grandma's birthday cupcakes

Maya's gift from Uncle Colin and Aunty Donna

Maya is growing and changing all the time. While she was ill, "Mama, Mum-Mum, and Mommy" came out for the first time. She tries many new words and can say "Hi" and "Bye" very clearly. She also loves to help me cook, bake and do the dishes. She was out helping Dad do some building before supper today. She is very fun to watch and she doesn't miss a thing that we do or say. She also enjoys having her picture taken - usually smiles and poses as you can see by the football picture. We sure are enjoying her and love every minute of it! We grow closer and closer to her each day and she responds with so much love and affection. Her hugs are getting bigger and stronger and the kisses keep on coming! Les counted 17 in a row to him the other day. I can't wait to see what comes next!

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  1. Its great to see Maya growing and advancing! She is beautiful - my favorite picture is her in the Roughrider track suit! Its the best...
    Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer...

    Leigh & Storym