Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maya's Shower in Swan

My niece Sarah and nephew Nick happened to be visiting. Perfect timing!

On July 9, wonderful friends held a shower for us here at home. Once again, Maya received beautiful keepsakes and clothes (lots), and many wonderful toys. As a group gift from some of the families in my sorority, she even received a Princess chair - the one you see her sitting on, AND, she received her first two-wheel bike from Les' morning coffee crew. Thank you so much, EVERYONE! A huge thank-you to Ann, Crystal, Janine and Leanne for planning and organizing the shower and to Leanne for hosting! Such wonderful friends you all are! p.s. Maya's dress is a little snug here, and I think that's the last time she'll be wearing it. She now weighs 23 lbs and was just under 20 lbs when we adopted her.

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