Wednesday, May 20, 2009

China Bound - FINALLY!!!

Wahooo! We finally received travel dates today!!! We had two options: arrive in Beijing May 30 or June 6. Of course we are choosing May 30th. Have to book our flights still and will update later when we know more. Now I'm freaking out!!! Glad I'm already packed!


  1. wow, wow, wow!!! This is cool. We are so glad for you! We are leaving to Jiangxi at 5th of june.

    Regards, Richard (Holland)
    dad of Cen Si Ling, Hengfeng

  2. We are so happy for you! I cannot wait until you post photos of Maya from China!

  3. I have been following your blog since you started it. I can not imagine how excited you must be! Very excited to hear the great news and can't wait to see pictures and hear about updates as you bring your little one home!
    Kristen Panagabko

  4. Yayyyy!!! You must be ecstatic! Terrific news!

  5. FINALLY - is right. Yayyyy!!!
    We are very excited for all you - Mom, Dad and Maya! You must be over the moon. I can't wait for your posts from China!!! Thanks for sharing this with us - we are all cheering for you.

    Tara B

  6. WAHOO!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! and more WHAHOO'S Have a safe trip and Hurry home .