Monday, May 11, 2009

More Bad News

Our agency still has not heard from the provicial desk anything regarding our TA. Our agency has also e-mailed our facilitator in China about the Civil Affairs appointment issue. I copied this from a recent post on (Rumour Queen site).

This was posted on our company intranet a short time ago. The company is a large international company so they should have the correct information. I am not sure from where it is though.
“The Chinese visa application centre have advised that due to recent events regarding the swine flu outbreak, the Chinese Embassy have suspended issuing visas to travellers holding passports with entry or exit stamps (dated anytime from the 20th April and onwards) from the following countries: Mexico, Spain, USA and Canada. This is irrespective of nationality.
This change is with immediate effect and applies to both new applicants and any travellers holding existing valid Chinese visas. The Chinese authorities have also advised that there is a strong possibility that travellers arriving in China by flight, on a previously issued visa, may be refused entry by Immigration officials, if their passport shows any evidence of recent travel to any of the above countries.
This information is yet to be updated on the Chinese Embassys website. Further updates will be posted here when they are received.”

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  1. I had no idea that you have been waiting since March. I don't know how you haven't lost it by now. If you want to email me and vent with me our email Lets hope for better news today. *Hugs*