Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finish Packing

We have five days to go!!! Four days until we leave for my parents home. They will drive us to the airport and meet us when we get home. They are also 'cat-sitting' our cat, Mandarin for us for the two weeks. Honestly, we've had Mandarin for eight years now, and his name has nothing to do with the Chinese language, (we hadn't thought of International Adoption back then), but instead is linked to Mandarin oranges, because he is orange. Fluffly and orange - he's our little lion and will have some major adjusting to do, as well, once we are home with Maya.

I sure hope we get our itnerary tomorrow and we also need to know who to take gifts for. Money also needs to be wired from our bank to our Facilitator's bank in China to pay for internal flights, our hotels, our guide and any touring that we will be doing. Our days are limited!!! Basically we will only need cash for food and shopping, and tips for our van driver, while we are there. We need this information soon!

I'm also working at creating a different blog using a different program, as eBlogger doesn't work in many places in China. I'll post when I have the blog info and include the link. There is one new blog that I have created, found toward the bottom of by blog list on this page. Feel free to check it out.

It's going to be a beautiful day here today and some deck time is what's in store! I also have to get the garden planted... it's finally warm enough to do this!!!

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