Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Secret Note in Maya's Shoe

Last night an awesome thing happened and if this has happened to any other families, please let us know! My niece was wondering if Maya has shoes when we received her, so I showed them to her. Sarah was examining the shoes and noticed a red paper under the insole of one shoe. I told her to pull it out and maybe it was a secret message. Well, we found a letter written in Chinese on a separate paper inside the torn red paper, (red for good luck). We were anxious to get it translated, so today took it to a Chinese man who is originally from Hong Kong and could read the Cantonese writing. We later showed it to a young woman who works at one of the Chinese restaurants in town and she added to the information. The letter is to us, Maya's Canadian family! Unbelievable! It is from Maya's Nanny Mom from the orphanage and they had actually given Maya the name Xiao Xue (Little Snow). In the greeting, she writes, "How are you Mr. and Mrs. Xiao Xue's Canadian Mom and Dad," and then she writes about how happy they are that Maya is with us and tells how much they cared about her and will miss her. She was always happy and healthy while living with them. She would also like to have contact with us to see how Maya's new life is with us in Canada. She even gave her address and cell phone number and asked that we not send anything to her at the orphanage because she will not receive it. Of course it would be unacceptable by the orphanage or the Chinese Government for there to be contact between the nannies and the adoptive families. She then signed her name. It must be extremely difficult for the caregivers in the Social Welfare Institutes and foster homes to have to say good-bye to the children. We may get together with someone who speaks Cantonese here sometime and give her a call first, before sending her anything. I think that this is amazing that she took the time to write the letter specifically to us and take the chance on us finding it hidden in the shoe. Thank goodness that my niece is a great detective! If she hadn't had a good look at the shoes, or even asked about them, we may never have found this note. I wonder if she does this with all of the children? Stella's mom, and all other adoptive parents out there, check your child's shoes!

Cantonese note from Maya's Nanny Mom to us.

Notice the red peeking out of one shoe?

Ladybug Snack Pac we received as a gift from our friend's Doug and Dee. Thank you! We love it!


  1. This is an amazing story. It sent shivers right up my spine. I can't wait to check my daughter's shoes first thing in the morning. She's sleeping right now. This is such an amazing gift to be able to give to your daughter when she is older.

    Many Blessings,

  2. oh wow lori, that is truly amazing !!! ...that is the most wonderful keepsake :) ...Little Snow, how beautiful :)...Great Job Sarah !!!!!

    kim a.

  3. That is so cool!!! What a beautiful gift that is to you and will by to Maya in the future.

    I'll keep an eye out for something like that in Hannah's shoe when I meet her later this year.

  4. Well, I tore Stella's little shoes up, and never found a note! I am so glad that you got one, though. Maya is beautiful, and looks so happy in the photos!

  5. what a special gift this is for your daugther Maya. We have also a girl from Hengfeng so i'm gonna check her shoe later this evening.maybe we have this kind of luck to. Did you visit the orphanage? and did you take pictures of the children that were live there? than you have maybe a picture from our daugther's last days in the orphanage we have her on 7 june 2009 in Nanchang.

    greetings Wendy from the Netherlands

  6. Hey Lori, I was in the travel group with Patricia & Sian. I can tell you that I was very impressed with the nannies in Maya's room, as well as the room across the hall. The children really seemed attached to them, and the nannies seemed to genuinely care for the children in their room. Obviously Maya was well-loved! What a wonderful gift to share with her some day! And to be able to contact the! :)