Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Settling In

We are finally home again after spending a week at my parents' home. I had an appointment and then a Meeting Maya come-and-go shower was held for us in my home town. It was wonderful! Maya met many people and received so many beautiful gifts. Thank you to Deanna and Kim for arranging and hosting this event and to everyone else who made the evening so memorable.

Maya is settling in nicely, but we have been very, very busy during these past two and a half weeks. She is coping very well with all of the changes and goes with the flow no matter where we are. Maya also enjoys all of the attention that she receives everywhere we go! She can put on quite the show and is a great little entertainer. She can say Da-da, bye-bye, Papa and we thought she tried to say puppy today. When playing with words and sounds, she can say Mum-mum, but not when asked to say it. We have had several play dates already and it is surprising to see how Maya interacts with other children. She is quite possessive of me if another child is on my lap, has gobbled up snack crackers so that no one else can have any, (but, at other times, shares), and seems to be quite assertive in her actions. She is learning how to play with toys more, loves to sing and dance and enjoys books. She is also learning that crying can get her things - sometimes... well, most of the time. She's a smart cookie! Maya also loves to give kisses and has been able to blow kisses for a couple of weeks now. She is so cute and even makes the smacking noises. That's about all I have time to write about for now, but will post some pictures of what's been happening lately.

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  1. She is simply amazing!!!! I especially love it when she puts out her arms and comes to me as soon as she see's me - like at school that day you were there!!!
    Storym has the same blue and white striped bathing suit as she in one of her pictures!!!
    F.Y.I - I received my post card on Monday - Thats sooo much Secret Pal! That really made my day...

    Have a good weekend -