Saturday, October 31, 2009

Maya's First Halloween in Canada

This witch dress was given to us from a friend who's daughter had worn it and the boots we had just received as a gift today. We thought we would try this on her for dress-up. Les took these pictures . She looks like a little model. You can click on the pictures to make them larger. (And yes, she has a bit of a fat lip - she had a fall yesterday. If I could turn back time...)

This is what Maya actually wore Trick-or-Treating. She decided today that whe would not nap - first time since we've had her. She just wouldn't fall asleep in her crib and didn't seem tired. Soooo, the Smarties came out a few times in the van while Tick-or-Treating just to keep her awake so we could get to the houses we needed to visit. Once we were home, she was wide awake, until...her body met her crib, then it was lights out!

Our Little Ladybug!

This is what we handed out.

This is what we brought home. We spent more time driving around town than Trick-or-Treating...We have tons left from our loot, too!

Out of everything, Maya loves Smarties the best!


  1. Hi! Maya you make a beautiful witch! Did you go trick or treating in your cozy ladybug costume? It is so cute. Thanks for giving me your blog website address again Lori. I read through the most recent blog down to the bottom to summer. The three of you have a busy and fun family life. Bye for now. PS did you have many trick or treaters come calling? We only had 17.

  2. I don't know which one I like the best. Maya makes a great witch (despite her big lip - poor sweetie) but I'm leaning toward the ladybug. It's just too cute!!!