Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from Maya's photo shoot on September 23, 2009. We had her in three different outfits, two of which she is in below. The third outfit was a pink and gold Asian dress and was very pretty. I'll post pictures of her in this dress later on, from my grandma's 85th birthday tea. Maya looked very cute in her sundress below, but looked adorable in the Asian outfits. I am definitely going to purchase more Asian outfits online for the future. We don't have all of our pictures back yet, but do have the collage below to show.
With the days being colder, we've begun the winter dressing ritual to go outside. Maya is not crazy about this and it's only going to get worse. We haven't even attempted ski pants yet! She looks so cute all bundled up - I'll post pictures of this later on, taken with my new Nikon D3000. Wahoo!


  1. she is so lovely! The photos are great!

  2. Thank you, Patricia, and also thank you for posting a comment! I never know if our blog is even being read by others when there aren't comments posted.

  3. fantastic pictures Lori, she has grown so much!
    such a beautiful little girl :)

    Debbie L