Monday, October 26, 2009

Overwhelming Feelings

I quite often think about Maya's life now and just how fortunate we all are. Maya is sooooo affectionate and loving that I really can't believe it. Maybe many other children are and have been at this age and I have just never seen it. She will voluntarily give me a kiss at any time, just on the cheek, or will smack her lips for kisses. She even comes up to me and blows raspberries on my neck when I'm down low near her. Of course we are very affectionate with her, but it still amazes me that she instigates these actions on her own, frequently. Her latest thing is "Up, up, up," and I usually do pick her up when I can, and she wants a hug or a cuddle. I think that we have grown closer because of this and because I take the time to show the affection that is needed. And no, I don't think that I am spoiling her. I am rewarded by her actions just as much as she is mine. If she wants hugs, cuddles and my attention, I am going to give it to her when and while I can. We do a great deal of baking and meal preparation together - even the dishes. Les tries to have his turn with Maya and keep her occupied when I'm busy, as much as he can, but after a while, she's right back by my side. I imagine that this is natural since I am with Maya all day, every day.
I haven't gotten to posting that video yet. Tomorrow is Better Beginnings at one of the schools AND we get to dress up for Halloween for the first time, which should be fun! My mom and I spent most of today booking our trip to Cuba for January. Wahoo!!! Right before Maya turns two, so she goes for free! The three of us and my parents will be going. The rest of the week looks pretty busy with appointments and Halloween preparations.
Maya turns 21 months on Wednesday and on Saturday we will have been a family for exactly five months. Wow! The time sure has flown by. We had our Home Study visit from our Social Worker this past weekend because she's going on holidays for two weeks and has to have the report ready to be translated and sent for sometime in November. Hope she relaxes on her trip before she has to tackle that job!
Happy Halloween everyone - enjoy it! I can't wait!!!


  1. Happy Halloween to you all too!
    Go ahead and "spoil" her to no end! You BOTH deserve it!
    Enjoy that sweet girl of yours!!

  2. Wow, I hadn't realized that your sweet pea is even younger than mine. Maya certainly is a cutie-pie. Happy Halloween (Maya's first - you'll really enjoy that finally) and happy making plans for your Cuba get-away. (Can I come too?)

  3. Its great listening(reading) about your endless adventure. Sadly what us mom's have been taking for granted you are finally experiencing. I am sooo happy for you, and for myself it was a great - eye opener. I have had my children's hugs and loves and cuddles all the time, I didn't have to wait for it. Thanks Lori - probably what I needed to help me appreciate my children more.
    Maya is a sweet heart - keep spoiling her. All children deserve to be spoiled with love, gifts and expereinces. And - if she doesn't want to go to Cuba in January.......I'm in!!!!

    <3 Leigh

  4. Lori,
    Go ahead and "spoil" her! As we see everyday in the education system there are children starving for love and affection. Never second guess your mothering instincts. You both deserve and need the love and affection...enjoy every minute.

    It's wonderful seeing how Maya is growing and she is a perfect fit for you and Les.
    Celebrate all the milestones and special moments you have together.

    Miss watching Maya grow...